Herrenhäuser Gärten

Einfach geniessen :)
Filip and Piotr at the entrance (Ania is hiding)Filip, Ania and PiotrAll togetherSo called So called So called
Captured insideCaptured insideArt continued...Mirrored :)Mirrored :)Mirrored :)
Mirrored :)Mirrored :)Mirrored :)Mirrored :)The big gardenThe big garden
Hmmmm... ;)Entering the labyrinth (Irrgarten)Somehow we got out of the labyrinthAt the big gardenAt the big gardenMe and Filip at the big garden
At the big gardenAt the big gardenAt the big gardenStormy clouds comming above us...GeorgengartenSome ducks
BerggartenBerggartenBerggartenBerggartenThe big gardenThe big garden
The big gardenThe big gardenThe big gardenNice rainbow