Göttingen @ 10.06.2005

Visiting Göttingen, a very nice city :)
Arriving at the train station......getting on the train......arriving in Göttingen (meeting Ania)Piotr and BartekParking only for bicyclesGöttingen - einfach geniessen :)
Me in GöttingenA quite interesting sculptureAll togetherThe most kissed girl of the world The market placeDon't drink that!!!
Streets of GöttingenThe tower with the burned down students flat (now it's beeing renovated).Me and some fine pice of architecture (it's called Junkernschänke)Former prison - now it's an instituteLet's get some icecream :)Gelato, si si, pronto, pronto :)
Streets of GöttingenGauss lived here for one year (his distribution didn't allow him to stay longer ;p)In this precious house lived for one year as a student Otto Graf von Bismarck Zosia, Ania and Ania and an old millAn old millAn old mill
BierkneipeBierkneipeOn our way back to HannoverOn our way back to HannoverOn our way back to HannoverHannover Night Blues :)
Hannover Night Blues :)